About Me


Hey everyone, My name is Benjamin Widdowson, and i am a concept artist currently living in Bellevue WA. For as long as i can remember i have been drawing and doodling away, from dinosaurs and super heroes, to army men and cars, i was always trying to bring my imagination to imagery. Comic books, mainly from Marvel taught me how to draw, and maybe even how to read, video games, inspired me to draw in the first place.  So as important to my life as those images where, i wish to somehow return that. My dream is to make pictures for people everywhere to enjoy, to inspire people in any way i can.

I look forward to seeing critic, a fan base, and inquiry on work opportunity.

Now because it must be said, ALL WORK ON THIS PAGE, is copyright of Benjamin Widdowson. Please do not use, distribute, redistribute, publish, or print any of it without the explicit written consent of myself, Benjamin Widdowson. thank you.


One comment on “About Me

  1. Calvin Daniels says:

    Good day:

    I am a journalist in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a lover of comics. I am looking for sources of comics for comic review column I do.

    So might you have anything that you would wish to mail my way to be reviewed (I am focusing on actual paper copies, no pdfs.)?

    The columns are posted weekly at http://www.webextra.yorktonthisweek.com/

    Past reviews are archived at http://www.calscomiccorner.blogspot.com/

    Some of the material already on the review schedule include; Anafae by Monica Richards & James Neely, The Hunter — Adam Hamdy, Lackadaisy – Tracy J. Butler, Cold Blooded Chillers – R.M. Heske, The Franchise – Garcia Jimenez Maniquis, and Dream Keepers – David Lillie

    You can see some of my other journalistic work at w ww.yorktonthisweek.com

    all the best and keep up the good work

    Calvin Daniels
    freelance writer
    72 Betts Ave
    Yorkton Sask.
    S3N 1M3

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